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Beginning Piano/Keyboard Class

$25 per hour class, 6 Students Per Class(ages 7-10)

Students Learn Music Notation and Fundamentals(Pitch, Rhythm, Key Signatures,

Time Signatures, Chords, & Melody)
Learn Simple Rock/Pop Songs, 12 Bar Blues, Easy to Play Classical Melodies with
chords. A great starter class for the beginner! $25 Materials Fee Payable first Class
Vocal Class(6 to 10 students) $20 per hour class
Learn proper vocal technique, breathing, ear training, and exercises for the voice.
Learn Rock/Pop songs and learn to harmonize in 2 part singing
$25 Materials Fee Payable first class
Songwriting with Garage Band App on Ipad(6 to 10 students) $20 per hour class
Learn how to arrange a full song using Garage Band App
Learn how to create a realistic sounding drum part, great sounding guitar lines, keys, and bass parts. Learn the art of mixing your own song!


Thousands of Original Arrangements and Transcriptions of Popular Songs used for the group classes. If it's not in the library we will learn it, notate it, and teach it to you!

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