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Online Webcam Piano, Voice, Flute, or Guitar Lessons with Skype or Apple Facetime


How it works:

Book your lesson times with instructor, then prepay via Paypal
Logon to Skype or Apple Factime at your booked lesson time and enjoy your class
Students interact with the teacher live in real time over the computer in the comfort
of your own home. You will see and hear each other as if you were in the same room. I
tested this system by taking guitar lessons with a teacher in Boston(I am in California).
It was a huge success!
Any written lesson material is sent to the student via email as a PDF file.
What you will need:
Computer(PC or Mac)
Webcam-most computers have one built in. If not, I suggest using a Logitech Quick Cam
Communicate STX(approx. $40)
High Speed Internet Connection
Skype account-Skype is free, and easy to use.
Apple Facetime works for these classes on Ipads too!
Save gasoline cost, travel time, and traffic to and from studio classes.
First Initial Trial Class is FREE! Thereafter classes are priced as follows:
$30/30 mins.
$50/1 hour
Class is payable 24 hours in advance via Paypal

Students are encouraged to have weekly classtimes in order to acheive results





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